Carolyn Martin

Carolyn began her bowling caree4r in Aiken in 1959, after she and husband Albert Divver Martin, Jr. moved there from Anderson, South Carolina.  Carolyn is originally from Hendersonville, NC.  They married while Al was serving in the navy during World War II and had been married 50+ years when Al passed away eight years ago. […]

Mitzi Herold

From the Annual Meeting Minutes of the SCWBA on 5-21-1977, Shirley Wessinger introduced Mrs. Mitzi herold as the 1977 SCWBA inductee into the Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service.  Introduced also were members of Mrs. Herold’s family attending for this honor, who were her husband, Richard, and mother, Mrs. Heflin of Houston, Texas.  Mrs. Wessinger […]

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