Rock Hill

Donald M. Clarke, Jr.

Don Clarke was born on April 27th, 1949, in Knoxville, Tennessee. His first introduction to the sport of bowling was when his grandfather took him bowling one day, to a center that had manual pinsetters. He bowled recreationally as a youth, with his father, while serving in the Boy Scouts. He started his official bowling […]

Billy Therrell

Billy Therrell has been a steady supporter of the Rock Hill YABA since 1978.  He has devoted his time to the YABA by coaching, organizing tournaments, and participating in numerous fun raising projects for YABA.   He has been on the Rock Hill Men’s Board since 1979 and was President of the Rock Hill Men’s […]

Andy Bell

Andy Bell has dedicated his free time to the game of bowling and other sports-oriented community activities for the past 20 years.  He has shown outstanding organizational and leadership abilities in his bowling and community activities.   Andy has served the SCSBA as a director, vice-president, president and an active life member.   Andy Bell […]

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