Sherri Sellers

Sherri began her bowling career at the age of five in the Camden YABA.   In 1987, she won the state youth Coca-Cola Tournament in Columbia, SC and advanced to the National Tournament in St. Louis, MO, where she placed in the top 20.   As an adult bowler, Sherri has been a member of […]

Yuri Kirby

Yuri has been a member of the SCWBA for 20+ years, from the Columbia Association.   She has exhibited outstanding bowling throughout her career.  She has achieved a high average of 218, with a career high game of 299, and career high series of 789.  She also carries averages of 217 – 215 and 204.  […]

Dave Bowers

Dave, who was involved in high school sports, did not realize that a youth bowling program existed.  However, his parents were bowlers and at one time, they bowled in a center operated by Gene Tinman.  At one time his mother bowled in a league downstairs while his dad was bowling in his league upstairs.  Dave’s […]

Judy Bailey

Judy began recreational bowling in the mid 1960’s at the bowling “alley” in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  With her friend Yolanda, they went bowling “every once in a while” for fun.  In the fall of 1966, Judy joined the high school “Girls Bowling League” that bowled on Monday afternoons.  This was an unsanctioned league although […]

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