James “Barney” Mattenson

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James “Barney” Mattenson started his bowling as a youth in New Jerseywhere he lived with his parents until he graduated in 1966. After graduation hemoved to Florence, SC to start up Carbide with family members. In September1968, he joined the US Army where he proudly served his country and servedin the Vietnam war. During this […]

George Lidlow

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George and his wife Lorraine live in Williamston SC and hasbeen a nationally sanctioned bowler for 61 years bowling inAnderson for the past 15 years.He has competed in many ABC/USBC tournaments and hasreceived recognition for 25- and 30-year increments ofparticipation as a sanctioned bowler.George has received awards for 300 games, 11 in a row gameand […]

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