Shirley Sands

Shirley Sands

Shirley has been bowling since 1972.  She has been a member of the Spartanburg and Gaffney bowling associations.  She has served on both boards and worked with the youth for over 26 years.  She has been a delegate to the National and State conventions.  She has served on many committees in her years on the […]

Sandy Wallace

Sandy Wallace wearing green tshirt

Sandy has been bowling since she was 8 years old.  She was a youth bowler for 10 years and an adult for 22 years.  She is still working with the youth as a head coach for the Gaffney USBC Association.  When she was a youth bowler she served as Secretary of the league and severed […]

Bob Gantenbein

B Gantenbein

Bob Gantenbein started bowling in 1950 while living in California.  After moving to Gaffney, South Carolina in the early 1970’s, he helped organize both the Gaffney local and adult associations.  Bob has served on both Boards in all capacities.  Currently, Bob is a Life Member of the Gaffney Bowling Association. 1988 was a good year […]

Ruby Gantenbein

Ruby G

Ruby Gantenbein a caring, giving woman was selected to the SCSYABA Hall of Fame in 1996 after serving as YABA Director for over 20 years and a YABA Board Member for 22 years, along with serving on many different committees.  She has received Coach of the Year Award for 10 years and she has spent […]

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