Jodi Hughes

Jodi is well known throughout the state, region and other areas for her skill with a ball and ten pins. She has many accomplishments to her name for her bowling skills.   Jodi is a native of Greenville.  She and husband Ricky have one son, Jackie.   Jodi began her bowling career in 1977 at […]

George Kaminsky

George has served youth bowling in Greenville for over 21 years, first by coaching YABA bowlers at Wade Hampton Bowl and serving as head coach there for 15 years.  He has served the Greater Greenville YABA Association since the early 1980’s on various committees, such as director of the city tournament as well as chairman […]

Larry D. Meredith

Larry is a quite mannered bowler, who goes about his job with little or no fare.  He is very dedicated to the sport and devotes a large amount of time to the game.  Personality, Leadership and Dedication are those which reflect very highly on our sport.  He is a credit to the game of Bowling. […]

Debi Aiken

Debi S. Aiken of Greenville is the daughter of Gene and Vera Stamps of Anderson.  She lives with her husband Skip and has two daughters; Adrienne and Nikki, and a granddaughter, Tori, who is four.  She has a brother, Rodney, and a sister Nancy, residing in Anderson.  Debi owns and operates the Silver Spoon restaurant […]

Jim C. Hawkins

Jim is a very personable, outgoing, promoter and leader dedicated to the sport of bowling.  His energy, enthusiasm and creativity in coming up with new ideas in getting people interested in bowling has been outstanding.   Jim was instrumental in starting Junior Scholarship programs for the Greenville Bowling Association and the S.C. Junior Scholarship Funds.  […]

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