Debi Aiken

Debi S. Aiken of Greenville is the daughter of Gene and Vera Stamps of Anderson.  She lives with her husband Skip and has two daughters; Adrienne and Nikki, and a granddaughter, Tori, who is four.  She has a brother, Rodney, and a sister Nancy, residing in Anderson.  Debi owns and operates the Silver Spoon restaurant in Greenville.


Debi has established herself as one of the strongest bowlers in the state and a leader in the bowling community as well.  She is an active member of the Greenville WBA and has been a member of the SCWBA for 21 years.  Debi has been a Coach of the youth for 12 years, a director of the SCYABA for eight years and has served on the Scholarship and Nominating Committees.  The offices she has held are that of President, Treasurer and Director.  She has also been Youth Leader Advisor for eight years.


To date, Debi has bowled in 21 SCWBA Championship Tournaments, twenty Greenville WBA Championship Tournaments and one Spartanburg WBA Tournament.  Her local association titles include 1991 and 1995 Scratch Team Champion, 1990 All Events Champion, 1990 and 1991 Team USA Qualifier and the 1989 and 1990 Scratch Double Champion.  In 1990 she received the Greenville WBA High Series Award and in 1991 The Greenville WBA High Game Award.  She finished the Flex Singles League in 1996 with a 200.35 average.


Other titles Debi has received include:  GWBA/GGBA City Tournament Scratch Team Champion in 1991 and 1996 and the Scratch All Events Champion in 1993.  In the Ladies Turtles Tournament in Augusta, Georgia she was the Scratch Doubles Champion in 1993, in the South Carolina Amateur Championships she was the First Runner Up in 1990 and the winner in 1991.  She was the Champion of the World Cup In House Tournament at the AMF Greenville Bowl.  She has also left her mark on the South Carolina Scratch Trio League having the High Game of 278 and High Series of 678 in 1992-93 season while in 1995 she came in second place and in 1994 and 1996 she was a member of the league championship team.  Her High Games are 275, 276, 278 and 279 and her High Series are 701, 705, 708, 709, 718 and 734.  In 1993-94 she received the Annual Award from the Greenville WBA for High Game (279) in the association and in 1995-1996 for the All City Team.


The SCWBA has seen Debi’s work on the Teller’s Committee for three years, chairing it one year; the Credential’s Committee for two years, chairing it for one year; the Assistant Sergeant at Arms one year and the Nominating Committee for one year.


On the Greenville WBA she has served on all the committees heading the Special Projects Committee for two years and raising $2,000.00 each time to benefit the BVL and the Boys Home fo the South; headed the committee that set up the by-laws for the Greenville WBA Hall of Fame and she organized two travel leagues in the Greenville area.  Debi is a born leader – active in every aspect of bowling.  She devotes most of her time in bowling to helping and participation.  She has improved her bowling skills 200% over the past three years.


Debi has been honored by the Greenville WBA, receiving Life Membership in 1990 and induction into their Hall of Fame in 1993.


Debi has an avid interest in all facets of bowling and proves it daily.  Her many accomplishments both on and off the lanes make her worthy for the South Carolina Women’s Bowling Hall of Fame.


Congratulations Debi, we welcome you.

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