Pee Dee

James “Barney” Mattenson

James “Barney” Mattenson started his bowling as a youth in New Jerseywhere he lived with his parents until he graduated in 1966. After graduation hemoved to Florence, SC to start up Carbide with family members. In September1968, he joined the US Army where he proudly served his country and servedin the Vietnam war. During this […]

Barbara Kennedy

Barbara has been in the local association for 33 years and with the youth for 32 years.  She started bowling in the Wednesday morning league in the Pee Dee Association.  Rose Hardee, Treasurer of the youth program in Florence asked Barbara to bring her boys to bowl on Saturday morning.  She walked in one morning […]

Doris Hoffmeyer

DORIS HOFFMEYER was born in Florence, South Carolina and has lived there all of her life.  She has one brother and two sisteres, many nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews.  She has been instrumental in helping all of her relatives become interested in the great sport of bowling.   Over the many years […]

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