Donald M. Clarke, Jr.

Don Clark

Don Clarke was born on April 27th, 1949, in Knoxville, Tennessee. His first introduction to the sport of bowling was when his grandfather took him bowling one day, to a center that had manual pinsetters. He bowled recreationally as a youth, with his father, while serving in the Boy Scouts. He started his official bowling […]

Jerry Campbell

Jerry Campbell

Jerry Campbell began working in the early ’70’s at this nice little bowling establishment known to the locals as Oconee Lanes located in the small town of Seneca.  As he worked, he watched and observed the people as they bowled and determined in his heart that hw would start bowling, and have fun at the […]

Booker T. Howard

Booker Howard

A life member of the Sumter Bowling Association and the South Carolina State Bowling Association, was inducted into the South Carolina State Bowling Association Hall of Fame on October 4, 2003 for his endless dedication and contributions to the sport. (Born August 14, 1922). Obituary – Died November 23, 2010 Booker T. Howard Booker was […]

Roy L. “Jack” Stigelmeyer

Image of Roy L. “Jack” Stigelmeyer

Information provided by Steve O’Brien – Jack Stiegelmeyer was a very dedicated, longtime volunteer for the sport of bowling, giving his time at many levels for the sport.  He was a past President and Hall of Fame member for the Greater Charleston (S.C.) Bowling Association, a past President and Hall of Fame member for the […]

Kent Smith

Old image of Kent Smith

From his earliest days as a youth  bowler, Kent Smith has received the support of family, friends and teammates as he tries to show his appreciation for all that the sport of bowling means to him.   At the age of 6, Kent’s parents took him bowling at the Westlane Bowling Center in Spartanburg.  At […]

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