Homer Gaudig

Homer began coaching in 1970 at Sumter Gamecock Lanes and continued for 10 years.  He was certified twice during those 10 years.   He served on the Board of Directors and held the position of Vice President for the Junior Program.  He was also on the State board for South Carolina serving as the Director […]

Donald M. Clarke, Jr.

Don Clarke was born on April 27th, 1949, in Knoxville, Tennessee. His first introduction to the sport of bowling was when his grandfather took him bowling one day, to a center that had manual pinsetters. He bowled recreationally as a youth, with his father, while serving in the Boy Scouts. He started his official bowling […]

Julie Carver

As a young girl, Julie’s parents, grandfather and friends bowled.  One day she decided to skip Saturday morning cartoons and join the junior bowling program.  She sacrificed sleeping in on Saturdays, but seeing the cute boys at the bowling center made it worth her while…..The people she met in the program, coaches and other parents […]

Walt R. Payment

This write up is from the application submitted for his induction:  Beginning in 1971, Walt was and active YABA youth worker for 23 years.  On the state level he was 1st Vice President 1976-77; Director 1972-1975 and was very active on the Scholarship and Legislative Committees.  Walt was involved with Jim Hawkins and Gene Tinman […]

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