Arthur Cox

Arthur Cox started his bowling career in 1969 in Greenwood and Anderson, SC.  Arthur served as secretary/treasurer of the Tri City leagues for several years.  After serving as director and Vice President of three local associations, he became President for three years (1995-1998).  Art was elected into the Anderson Bowling Association Hall of Fame in […]

Michael O’Barr

Michael (Mike) O’Barr has been in bowling center management for 43 years.  He has always been very involved in his Youth Leagues for he knows that todays youth bowlers are the bowlers of the future.  Mike loves to bowl all tournaments.  He has been Anderson’s Bowler of the Year 7 times.  He was elected to […]

Betty Swann

Betty Swann was born Setember 9, 1930 in Washington, DC.  She married in 1950 and had 2 children William and Barbara.  Betty started bowling in 1958 in VA.  After moving to Anderson, SC in 1980 she became very active in her local association with her prime passion and commitment with the Senior bowlers.  Betty has […]

Harold Sanders

Harold began bowling in 1973.  In 1980, he was elected a three year director to the Anderson Bowling Association.  He served five years as 1st Vice President and seven years as President.  In 1987, Harold was elected to be a Life Member of Anderson Bowling Association and in the local Hall of Fame in 1990.  […]

Kay Binford

Kay Binford has been a member of WIBC/USBC for 53 years.  She has served as a National delegate for 32 years, bowled in 32 National tournaments.  She was a member of the North Carolina WBA & Charlotte, NC WBA for 4 years, serving as Charlotte WBA Association Secretary for 3 years.  Member of the SCUSBC […]

Charles Carver

Charles “Chuck” Carver has been a member of the Anderson Association for over 30 years.  Chuck has bowled in 18 State Bowling tournaments and 10 National tournaments.  He has won titles in team, doubles, singles and all events.  He is the only bowler in the association to ever shoot over 2200 in all events scratch.  […]

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