Booker T. Howard

A life member of the Sumter Bowling Association and the South Carolina State Bowling Association, was inducted into the South Carolina State Bowling Association Hall of Fame on October 4, 2003 for his endless dedication and contributions to the sport. (Born August 14, 1922). Obituary – Died November 23, 2010 Booker T. Howard Booker was […]

Dave Bowers

Dave, who was involved in high school sports, did not realize that a youth bowling program existed.  However, his parents were bowlers and at one time, they bowled in a center operated by Gene Tinman.  At one time his mother bowled in a league downstairs while his dad was bowling in his league upstairs.  Dave’s […]

Judy Bailey

Judy began recreational bowling in the mid 1960’s at the bowling “alley” in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  With her friend Yolanda, they went bowling “every once in a while” for fun.  In the fall of 1966, Judy joined the high school “Girls Bowling League” that bowled on Monday afternoons.  This was an unsanctioned league although […]

Mickey Addy

Mickey was born in Lexington, South Carolina, the daughter of the Late Annie M. and Russell Landers.  AHW wa a middle child of a sister Phyllis Bouknight (deceased) and a brother, Russ Landers.  She has two children, Sheree’ Buice and Jamie Addy.  She is also blessed with four grandchildren and two great grand children. Mickey […]

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