Darlene Yow

Darlene was born in Anderson, the daughter of Jake (now deceased) and Vivian Johnson.  She has one sister, Elaine Hall of Abbeville.  She has been married to Scott Yow for the past 17 years and they have a son, Ryan, 11 and a daughter, Jamie 9.  Both Ryan and Jamie have been bowling with the […]

Wendy Sosebee

Wendy was born November 14, 1964 in Meridian Mississippi, the daughter of Roy (deceased) and Marguerite Sosebee.  Her father was from Alabama and serving in the Navy. They chose to settle in her mothers hometown, Charleston, when Wendy as 4.   She has two sisters, Christine Webb and Cindy Holliman, both of Charleston and had […]

Larry Murray

Larry has been a great influence in bowling in the Spartanburg area for some 30 years.  Some of his achievements are:  His bowling average for over 15 years has been above 200.  He has bowled 1-300 game and numerous 700 series.  He has won numerous League and City Titles.  He has won the following State […]

Tom Mouzon

Beaufort and South Carolina youth bowling associations were the beneficiaries of more than 20 years of service by Tom Mouzon.  He was instrumental in advancing these programs during the 1970’s and 1980’s, which was during the change from AJBC to YABA.   Tom served on various committees at the state and local level including scholarship, […]

James “Al” Lewis

Al became an active member of the Florence Pee Dee Bowling Association in August of 1982.  He has served in all the offices of the Association.  He served two terms as President and served as Executive Director for ten years.  He resigned as the Local Executive Director in May of 2000 when he was elected […]

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