Jodi Hughes

Jodi is well known throughout the state, region and other areas for her skill with a ball and ten pins. She has many accomplishments to her name for her bowling skills.


Jodi is a native of Greenville.  She and husband Ricky have one son, Jackie.


Jodi began her bowling career in 1977 at Tri-City Lanes in Easley as a substitute.  She had a 143 average her first season.  She soon moved to Dixie Bowl-A-Matic in Greenville and became a dedicated bowler.  Jodi started practicing and taking in all the information she could get about the sport of bowling.


Next came the bowling clinics.  She was coached by Fred Borden, Don Johnson and cliff Tarpley.  By this time, Jodi was ready for the Tournaments! She started with the local, state and some ABA’s.  Jodi has participated in all of the SCWBA Championship Tournaments since 1977 with the exception of the one held in 1987, and has bowled in all of the Greenville WBA Annual Tournaments since that time.


After some titles and a little cash on this level, she went on to try her skills on the regional level.  In 1988, she became a member of the LPBT.


Jodi won the SCWBA singles scratch in 1986.  The Greenville WBA scratch all events in 1990 and 1991.  She was a member of the Greenville WBA All City Team from 1984 through 1992.  This team is composed of the members with the highest composite average.


Jodi has taken home the awards for the high series, high average and high game annually many times from both the Greenville WBA and the South Carolina WBA.


In some years, Jodi swept all three state annual awards and during the past sixteen years, rolled four perfect games and fifty-three 770+ sets and has to her credit twenty-three 275 and above games.  She has maintained a 200+ average for six years.  Her career high series is 791 and was ranked in the 1989-90 WIBC Annual Report as the 16th highest in the nation!


Jodi has had a career high average of 217, and a five year composite average of 207.


To name a few of her titles:  State 600 Champ in 1986 and 1990; Queen of the Mountain (Hendersonville) in 1987; American Heart Association Tournament Champ in 1983; Raleigh Open in 1988; LPBT Chattanooga Open Second Place in 1988; Turtle Tournament in Augusta, GA, Scratch Doubles Champ in 1990.  She holds the record for the highest qualifying round in the 225 Masters.


In the 1990-91 WIBC Annual Report, only two women out of nearly three million members are listed as having bowled three 300 games in the same season.  Jodi Hughes is one of these women!


Jodi’s favorite award is a plaque she received for Bowler of the Month in May 1978.  She was chosen for this award because she had four consecutive 500 sets.


In the midst of all of the bowling and practicing, Jodi has found time to serve as a member of the Greenville WBA Board of Directors.  She has held this position for four years.  She has been a member and chairman of the special projects committee and served on the yearbook committee as the chairman for two years and a member three years.  Jodi has also served as a head house director for one year.  She has honored by the Greenville WBA in 1992 by being elected into their Hall of Fame for Bowling Achievement.


Jodi helps with the YABA at AMF Greenville Bowl and assists with special tournaments for the Greater Greenville YABA (GGYABA).


Jodi is very dedicated to the sport of bowling.  Whether bowling or coaching, she will be an excellent representative for the SCWBA Hall of Fame!


Congratulations Jodi on your acceptance into the South Carolina Women’s Bowling Association Hall of Fame!

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