John Howe

John Howe started his bowling career in 1968 in the Greater Charleston Bowling Association.  In 1993, he joined the Greater Atlanta Bowling Association.  Currently, he is a member of the Columbia Bowling Association.  John has been a board member on the Greater Charleston Association and is a Hall of Fame member.  He has been a member of the Greater All Star Team for ten plus years.  He received Greater Charleston’s Bowler of the Year for eight years.  He has also received High Series Awards for 837 and 831 in 1983 and 1984.  He has bowled eighteen 800 series, forty-eight 300 games and hundreds of 700 series.  John has bowled in thirty-three ABC/USBC Nationals.  During John’s bowling career, he has hosted many tournaments and has coached many bowlers.  Congratulations to John on being inducted into the South Carolina Hall of Fame under the Bowling Achievement category.

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