Larry D. Meredith

Larry is a quite mannered bowler, who goes about his job with little or no fare.  He is very dedicated to the sport and devotes a large amount of time to the game.  Personality, Leadership and Dedication are those which reflect very highly on our sport.  He is a credit to the game of Bowling.


Larry’s bowling history began in 1959 while still in High School (Seneca, SC).  His first ball was a strike and first game was 101.  He has gotten a little better, bowling in two leagues with averages between 205 and 213.  His high series has been 761 and high game of 288.  Larry’s leadership experience began while being stationed in Etain, France with the U.S. Air Force.  He was a member of the Eastern France City Association in 1963-1967.  He was the Secretary/Treasurer of a Singles Scratch League with six (6) squads each week and made payoffs every week.  Larry was part time manager of a bowling center for a short time while in France.


Larry has been a member of the Greater Greenville Bowling Association since 1976.  He served as Director, Vice Presidents, President, and was selected to be a member of the Greater Greenville Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 1988 and is still devoting his time to the bowlers of Greenville.  He is a member of the SBA Board of Directors and an advisor to the “250” Masters Club in Augusta.


Larry loves the game of bowling and continues to devote most of his time to the game.  He worked for three years as a mechanic at AMF Greenville Bowl.  Larry was a member of the PBA for two years and was elected as “SCSBA” Tournament Manager.  (He gave up his membership in PBA to devote all of his time to both “SCSBA” Tournaments and to the bowlers of the State of South Carolina.


Bowling is a major part of Larry’s life.  Larry met his wife of 23 years, (Jane) at Star Lanes in Greenville.  Larry’s and Jane’s children, Carri and Adam were both recipients of the Greenville YABA Scholarship of $1,000 each.  It was a thrill for Larry in 1992 to attend the State/Provincial Leaders Training Program in Greendale, Wisconsin and make the tour of Bowling Headquarters.


Larry’s many accomplishments on the lanes, his fulfillment of the officer’s of Leagues, Local Association, and “SCSBA”, his compassion, dedication, and love of the game are very impressive.


I can think of two recent examples that illustrate his compassion and dedication to his fellow bowler.  One was when he called and invited me (Jim Lynn) to ride with him to Columbia for visitation with the family of a fellow bowler who had passed away.  Another wa when his employer required him to spend the week at a training seminar in Atlanta.  On Thursday evening he drove back to Greenville to bowl on our team, then drove back to Atlanta on Friday morning.


Larry has always conducted himself with dignity on and off the lanes.  He is a very good sport.  He always works tournaments, leagues, YABA and assists the Greenville Women’s Bowling Association and the South Carolina Women’s Bowling Association in working all the programs they have going.  He always does more than is expected of him.  Larry is exactly what you like to see in a South Carolina Hall of Fame member.  He is a tribute to our Sport and is well deserving of the honor.


A note from Larry

        I would like to give thanks to my wife, Jane.  Without her love and understanding I would not have been able to give my time so freely to the bowlers of the State of South Carolina.  THANK YOU, and I love you very much.

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