George Kaminsky

George has served youth bowling in Greenville for over 21 years, first by coaching YABA bowlers at Wade Hampton Bowl and serving as head coach there for 15 years.  He has served the Greater Greenville YABA Association since the early 1980’s on various committees, such as director of the city tournament as well as chairman for the scholarship, nominating and Bowler of the Year committees. He was also elected president of the Greater Greenville YABA Association twice for two terms, in 1986 again in 1992.


George is also active with the SCSYABA Association and was first elected as Sargent-at-Arms and 2nd Vice President before currently serving as 1st Vice President.  He is also the scholarship chairman and Coca-Cola Youth Bowling Championships Tournament site director. When Greenville hosted the state tournament in 2001, George served as the site coordinator.


As if all this wasn’t enough, George has become a director of the newly formed Youth Southeastern Tournament board of directors to his busy schedule.


George is a past president and life member of the Greater Greenville Bowling Association, a recipient of the Director of the Year award, and currently active on various committees.


George, who is a Viet Nam Veteran, and his wife, Helen, reside in Greenville and are the proud parents of their son Michael and his wife, Randi, and daughter Sonya with her husband, Bryan.

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