2019 Pepsi Results from bowling March 9 & 10, 2019

Tina Brown, Pepsi Tournament Manager, forwarded the Pepsi tournament results from March 9 & 10, 2019 to the coaches by email on March 11, 2019.  I have listed the 10 files included in her email below.  Please check the spelling on your bowlers and let us know if we have any names spelled incorrectly.  Any questions should be directed to Tina Brown at scpepsiyouth@gmail.com  Please note the top 15% (highlighted in gray) in U 12 – U 20 will advance to the finals on Saturday March 16, 2019 at Southgate Bowling Center, 1902 S Irby Street, Florence, SC 29505 (843) 661-5050.  Check-in will be at 1:00 pm with bowling starting at 1:30 pm.

Please note bowling for U8 – U10 Boys and Girls is complete. They will not bowl on March 16, 2019

U8 Boys and U8 Girls Standings 2019

U10 Boys and U10 Girls Standing 2019 (Revised)

U12 Boys and U12 Girls Standing 2019

U15 Boys and U15 Girls Standing 2019 (Revised)

U17 Boys and U17 Girls Standings 2019 (Revised)

U20 Boys and U20 Girls Standings 2019

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