Boyd R. Comer, Sr.

Boyd has been a member of the SCUSBC for 18 years and was a member of the NCUSBC before coming to South Carolina.  He has bowled in 14 state tournaments and 16 local tournaments.  Boyd has held the Bowler of the Year in Tri-County Association during 1997-1998 and inducted into the Tri-County Hall of Fame in 2005.


Boyd has bowled 3 – 300’s, 3 – 290’s, and many other high games.  He has bowled an 813 and 815 with over 30 – 700 series and numerous 600-699 series.  He has always carried a 200 average for all the leagues that he bowls in.


Boyd has been an advisor for the youth program in the Rock Hill area over the last 15 years.  He has been a certified coach for the youth for 22 years.


Boyd is dedicated to the sport of bowling.  His attitude is upbeat and his motto is “we do not have problems, we have opportunities”.


We congratulate Boyd on being inducted into the South Carolina USBC Hall of Fame for 2007 in the Bowling Achievement Category.

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