Connie McColley Brady

Born in El Paso, Texas and raised primarily in South Carolina, Connie is a shy, soft spoken person.  She is very well thought of by all who come in contact with her.


Connie is married to Ron McColley and has one son, Chris.  Connie comes from a family of bowlers.  She has carried the tradition forward to her son.  Being thirteen years old, he also is an avid bowler and has been bowling since the age of five.


Connie and her brother, Ken, have the distinction of being the only brother and sister to have ever rolled sanctioned 300 games, twice.


Connie started bowling in 1964 at the age of eleven.  she entered most of the City and State tournaments and won several team, double and single events as a junior bowler.  She joined the Greenville Women’s Bowling Association in 1971.  Since then, she has bowled in most of the city and state tournaments, placing in several events through the years.  She has bowled in the National Tournaments in Las Vegas, nevada and Toledo, Ohio.


Locally Connie has held several offices on the Greenville Women’s WBA Board of Directors.  Connie has been the first Vice President for the past three years, having been the second vice president for one year and a director for two years.  She has served on the nominating committee, ways and means, national Hall of Fame, tournament, awards, she has been chairman of the local Hall of Fame and Publicity.  She has also served as a head house director and junior representative.


Connie has served on the SCWBA credentials committee and as an assistant on the sergeant-at-arms committee.


She has been the local delegate to the national convention in Toledo, Ohio and has represented the Greenville WBA as a delegate to the state conventions six years.  Connie is also a director for the South Carolina State 600 Club.  She has been a YABA coach for seven years and was a member of the Greenville YABA Board of Directors for five years.


Connie has achieved a lot while bowling in Greenville but 1980 wa one of her biggest years.  She bowled her first sanctioned 300 game and an 811 series (State Record) which consisted of thrity out of thirty-six possible strikes.  She is placed in the top twenty five women nationally with the 811 series and was tied for eighth place at the time the series was rolled.  It was only the second time a woman had ever bowled a 300 game to go with an 800 series.  The 300 game and 800 series was the first ever bowled by a woman in the state of South Carolina.  Connie has had the ability to roll a second 300 game and games of 276, 277, 278 and 280.  She has bowled additional series of 700, 709, 716, 728 and 743.


In 1986, connie joined the pro circuit and set another record for being the first lady to roll a 300 in her first game as a pro.


When Connie isn’t bowling, she is employed by her father at Nexus computer, as a computer programmer.


Connie has done her share in helping to put South Carolina on the bowling map!


Congratulations Connie!  You have truly earned your place among the members of the SCWBA Hall of Fame.

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