Derrell Kicklighter

Derrell Kicklighter has been a member of the Grand Strand Association and state association for over 21 years.  He has served on the local association board for 13+ years and has served on many committees.  He has bowled in the local and state tournaments for over 18+ years.  He has served on the State Board of 3+ years and has been audit chairperson for the last 2 years.
When the State Tournament is in the Grand Strand, Derrell always helps with the Ways and Means for the local association and has been very instrumental in the success of this committee.

Derrell has always been a hard worker for the local and state board, always assisting however needed.  He is always willing to help on committees or during tournaments.  He supports and promotes bowling in the Grand Strand and the State.

Again congratulations to Derrell for being inducted into the South Carolina Hall of Fame under the Adult Meritorious Service category.

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