Elsie Bobst

Born a farm girl in Indiana on August 27, 1913, Elsie Bobst became a major force in Greenville WBA bowling!


Elsie went to a one room schoolhouse for her first 4 years of schooling.  He second 4 years, she attended school in a small town.  During her final 4 years she graduated from Greenfield High School.  Growing up, she had one sister.


Before coming to Greenville from Tucson, Arizona in 1956, Elsie also lived in Kansas and New Mexico.


She had 2 sons and 2 daughters.  Having lost her oldest son, she now counts among her family members: a lovely daughter-in-law; a lovely granddaughter and her husband; a sister and her family; a son and daughter at home; a daughter, grandson and his wife.  A great-granddaughter and Ed, her special friend!  Elsie is also blessed with many, many friends, old and new.  To God she gives credit for taking care of all of her loved ones and herself for so many years!


Elsie began bowling in Greenville in 1957 in the small women’s league (?) with a 137 average.  Elsie worked with a group of ladies to get more bowlers in the association which had been chartered with WIBC since 1955.  In 1958, her team won first place in the city tournament and again in 1959….She was also a delegate that year to the WIBC  National Convention.


In 1960, Elsie went to Aiken to help organize a state association.  She became the first Sergeant-at-Arms and the first state delegate to the National Convention…..A sad note entered her life during this year as she lost her husband and it became difficult to continue with all of her bowling activites with two small children.  However, she continued to bowl in two to five leagues and help girls bowl in leagues and state tournament……..


Elsie was elected secretary of the Greenville WBA in ’61 and held the position until 1965…She also held positions in most of the leagues at the same time.


She used her talents to help open Dixie Bowl-O-Matic Lanes and Easley Bowling Lanes.  She worked as an instructor and league organizer…at this time, her oldest daughter had some health problems and Elsie took charge of her care.


Elsie continued her work with bowling and was asked by President Alberta Crowe to serve with the Sergeant-At-Arms at the National Convention (1963) in Memphis.


She took a job outside the home in 1968 and could not work with the leagues as much as before….but helped when she could….still treasurer of three leagues…..still promoting bowling and serving on committees!!


In 1979, elsie retired and began bowling a little more!  She became Secretary-Treasurer of a senior league and later added a second senior league in addition to three other leagues in which she participated and held office…..


Elsie organized another Greenville senior league in 1985…..holding the Secretary-Treasurer’s position in three senior leagues and treasurer of two other leagues….


Now, here it is in the ’90’s….Elsie is still helping girls and men enjoy bowling!!!!  She is now gathering medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze) in the Senior Sports Classics.  Elsie has also had her share of 200+ games, 500+ series and four 600+ series.


1966Secretary-Treasurer of 3 senior leagues….Treasurer of a senior mixed travel league which she helped to organize….carrying an average of 159 to 163….won everything in Greenville’s first senior tournament…..thankful to still be bowling and helping others enjoy such a great sport…has bowled in 15 WIBC tournaments..all city and state tournaments with the exception of one and all the State Senior and Sports Classic tournaments except one and all the UNNSO Senior Tournaments except to (fell and hurt bowling arm…and when her son was ill).


Elsie has forgotten many things she has accomplished over the years (?) but is proud of her city and state associations of which she is a charter member.


Elsie still has her daughter at home with her after 33 years of illness.  She thanks God for her many blessings and says if it wasn’t for God helping her, she could never have helped others!


82 years of age…..A grand lady….A major contributor toher local and state associations……Elsie Bobst….On behalf of all of the members of the South Carolina Women’s Bowling Association…..We welcome you as a most worthy member of the SCWBA Hall of Fame!

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