Kay Mitterling

Kay has been a member of the national organization for 46 years.  She came to South Carolina and has been a member here the last 26 years.  She has served in the Spartanburg Association as Secretary/Treasurer for 20 years and a director for 6 years.  She has served on the State board for 14 years.


Kay has served in many capacities in the league office positions on local committees and is presently serving as association manager for Spartanburg.  She has served as chairperson and member on many state committees.  She was chairperson of the transition board for the state during the merger process.  She is presently serving as association manager for South Carolina USBC.


Kay is a very hard and dedicated worker for all the bowlers and always has a smile.  She is a leader, fair yet sensible.  She is a type person who would do anything for what she believes in.  Kay is a member of the Warsaw Indiana Hall of Fame and Spartanburg Hall of Fame.


We congratulate Kay on being inducted into the South Carolina USBC Hall of Fame for 2007 in the Meritorious Service Category.

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