Pete Eldin Wagner

  Pete Wagner has been a member of the USBC for 37 years, beginning as a youth bowler in Ochard Park, New York.  Since 1984 Pete has held an average over 200.  Last year Pete attained a 239 average; Pete has forty-eight 300 games; twenty-five 800 Series, with a high series of 846.  In all including 11 in a row awards, 298 and 299’s Pete has over 100 honor scores bowling left handed.  Recently Pete has begun bowling opposite handed and in October 2016, he bowled his first 300 game with his right hand.  Pete is currently averaging 215 right handed and has a high series of 797.  Pete has been a member of several city title teams and has been All Events Scratch and Doubles Scratch champion.  Pete was crowned City Match Game Champion 1 time, having won at Sandpiper Lanes back 1995.  Pete worked as Sandpiper Lanes General Manager from the summer of 1994 through the fall of 1997.  Pete also managed Royal Z Lanes from the fall of 2001 to the spring of 2003.  During that time Pete worked well with both associations and always had the bowlers’ best interest in mind.  Pete helped establish the 8 game scratch travel tournament.  For the past 5 years Pete has been a youth bowling Coach.  Pete has held several league officer positions and has been a proud supporter of the Charleston Association.  Congratulations to Pete Wagner on his induction into the South Carolina Hall of Fame under Bowling Achievements.

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