Will Christie

Will started bowling in the mid 1960’s in Detroit, Michigan with the American Junior Bowling Congress.  He became an AJBC Junior Coach in 1968, a Certified Instructor in 1970 who instructed youth in the inner city bowling centers.  In 1973 Will enlisted in the U. S. Navy to ride submarines.  Will assisted with various junior programs wherever he was stationed including Virginia Beach, Virginia (1974-75 & 79-82) and the Charleston area (1984 to present).


Will started serving on the men’s and youth association boards in 1984 while he was stationed in the Charleston area and he served on various committees when on dry land.   He has served as the President of the GCJBA 1995-97, Vice President of the GCBA 1997-2004, and is presently Life Member.  In 1997, Will started working for Brunswick Sandpiper Lanes, as Junior Director, not knowing about all the paperwork involved with the junior program.  Will was certified as a USA Bronze Level coach in 2001 and achieved the USBC Silver Level in 2005.  He was honored with induction into the GCJBA Hall of Fame in December 2003.


Will has assisted with many local and state level tournaments, participated/organized many youth fundraisers, and continues to run a ball exchange program for the Charleston area.  The youth program is something that he strongly believes in.  Will believes that coaching doesn’t just help the youth bowler’s game, but it can help build their self confidence and teach them ways to overcome obstacles.  Bowling can also support higher education and with numerous scholarship opportunities available, bowling and education go hand in hand.

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