Heather Story

The following information is from the Hall of Fame application:   Heather has bowled for 22 years with a high average of 166 in 1965, highest series 626 and highest game 246.  She has two daughters and six grandchildren.  She is a nurse for 2 family practioners and also served as a Red Cross Volunteer and Migrant Health Program volunteer.  Heather has served as 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 4th Vice President, Director or delegate for 12 years.  As the Beaufort Women’s Bowling Association President she worked to bring the State Tournament to Beaufort.  She worked to promote bowling in the State and to give dignity to the sport of bowling.  She has stressed participation as sanctioned bowlers only to new bowlers.


Heather was SCWBA 1st Vice President 1978-1979; 2nd Vice President 1974-1978; 4th Vice President 1972-1974; and Director 1970-1972.

Beaufort WBA President 1967-1971; 1st Vice President 1965-1967; and Director 1964-1965.

Jacksonville, NC 1st Vice President 1962-1964 and director 1961-1964.


Heather was a charter member of the South Carolina Junior Bowling Association and served as a director for 4 years.  She served the Beaufort Junior Bowling Association as a director for 4 years and also four years as a coach.


Heather has held all League Offices from 1968 through 1978; league secretary in four leagues and she has organized leagues in North and South Carolina.  She has served one the following SCWBA committees:  Legislative, Administrative Manual, Finance and Budget, Nominating, Tournament and Awards.

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