Kenneth Shealy

Kenneth Shealy has been a member of the Grand Strand for 25 years.  He has bowled in over 40 PBA tournaments.  He has rolled over 33 300 games, 19 800 series, highest series 856.  His highest average was a 236.  He faithfully bowls in local and state tournaments each season.  Ken has won the State Sr. Match Game three years. Ken was elected into the Grand Strand Hall of Fame in the Bowling Achievementcategory in 2008.  Ken is extremely competitive but he’s always good natured and he puts considerable pressure on himself to achieve perfection.  When he is on the approach he is all business.  Ken is a great teammate and is one of the most popular high average bowlers in the Grand Strand Area.  Ken actively recruits bowlers, both youth and adults and is always willing to coach a bowler in need of help.  Congratulations to Kenneth Shealy on his induction into the

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