Tommy Jones

Tommy Jones has been a member of the bowling family for over 27 years.  He bowled as a youth from 1992-1996 and won many times on the TSR tour.  In 1997 Tommy went pro in our great sport of bowling.  He has 13 National PBA titles and 11 Regional PBA titles.  In 2002 he was PBA Rookie of the Year and in 2006 was PBA Player of the Year.  He set a PBA tour record and earned his 10th PBA title in the shortest time span.  He has 23 career PBA 300 games.  Tommy will always try and bowl in the South Carolina State Tournament when ever he can due to his heavy schedule with the pro tour.

Tommy has one of the most powerful games our sport has every seen.  He is an equally outstanding young man.  He is extremely honest, and his integrity is beyond reproach.  He always honors his commitments both personally and professionally.  He treats everyone with dignity and respect.

Tommy has been instrumental in putting South Carolina on the map as an ambassador to bowling.

Again congratulations on being inducted into the South Carolina Hall of Fame under the Bowling Achievement category.

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