Bobbi Bartee

Roberta “Bobbi” Bartee has been a member of the Charleston Association for over 30 years.  She has been a member of the Charleston Youth Association as Chairperson for 16 years.  She has held other positions on the Youth Board.  She has been a certified Youth Coach for 19 years.  She has her level 2 certification as a coach.  She has worked the state youth tournaments when in Charleston.

Bobbi has worked every Charleston Youth Tournament and has helped with the youth scratch travel scholarship and has been instrumental in the banquet and awards for the Charleston Youth.  She has attended the Youth State Annual and Pepsi Meeting for over 21 years.  She has attended the State Jamboree/Fall Meeting the last 6 years.

Bobbi has been very instrumental in working with the youth in her local and state in any position she has been asked to do.  She is a very hard worker and good coach for all the youth and is always there when needed.

Again congratulations to Bobbi for being inducted into the South Carolina Hall of Fame under the Youth Meritorious Service category.

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