J C Williamson

J.C. Williamson, has dedicated a major portion of his life to the game of bowling.  He began involvement in bowling as a pin boy at Lanier’s Columbia Bowling Center in 1950.  In 1958 he began bowling while in the military averaging 167 with a backup ball.  He began hooking the ball in 1961.  He bowled […]

William “Bill” Patrick, Jr.

Bill Patrick was born in Charleston, S.C. where he started bowling at Danny Wetmore’s Lanes.  He bowled there for a number of years before moving to Florence.   Bill gave freely of his time to assist bowlers.  He was willing to go an extra mile to help leagues function better and properly.  He served as […]

Doris Hoffmeyer

DORIS HOFFMEYER was born in Florence, South Carolina and has lived there all of her life.  She has one brother and two sisteres, many nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews.  She has been instrumental in helping all of her relatives become interested in the great sport of bowling.   Over the many years […]

Donald J. Eleazer

Don is a native Columbian who started bowling in 1958.  He continues to be a tribute to our sport and has provided meritorious service and leadership to the Greater Columbia and South Carolina State Associations.   Don has participated in state, local and national tournaments.  He served for six-years as secretary of a 16 team […]

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