William “Bill” Patrick, Jr.

Bill Patrick was born in Charleston, S.C. where he started bowling at Danny Wetmore’s Lanes.  He bowled there for a number of years before moving to Florence.


Bill gave freely of his time to assist bowlers.  He was willing to go an extra mile to help leagues function better and properly.  He served as a member of Florence Bowling Association Board for many years.  He was elected to that association’s post of secretary in 1979 and served until 1985.  He was elected secretary in Florence in 1987 and remained as secretary until 1990.  At that time he refused to be reelected due to plans to move back to Charleston.  He was in the process of moving when he passed away.


Bill was elected to South Carolina State Board in 1987 and 1988.  He always promoted the State Association Tournaments as well as promoted the Annual Jamboree.  Bill was always in attendance at all state meetings.


Bill ran the Florence qualifying tournament for state match tournaments.  He would go from lane to lane to promote entries in local, state and other tournaments.


Bill served on the Juniors Board and the Scholarship Fund Board for the Florence area.


Bill assisted in the operations of state tournaments in Florence and was responsible for the 1992 state tournament book.


He bowled in a number of leagues both mixed and all men’s.  He was known for getting the job done.  Often he would come up with an idea for fund raising for scholarship funds and usually did nost of the work for their success.


William P. Patrick Jr., was a credit to our sport and truly a Hall of Famer.  We are proud to have been associated with this 1992 inductee.

Died in 1991.

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