Judy Bailey

Judy began recreational bowling in the mid 1960’s at the bowling “alley” in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  With her friend Yolanda, they went bowling “every once in a while” for fun.  In the fall of 1966, Judy joined the high school “Girls Bowling League” that bowled on Monday afternoons.  This was an unsanctioned league although […]

Kent Smith

From his earliest days as a youth  bowler, Kent Smith has received the support of family, friends and teammates as he tries to show his appreciation for all that the sport of bowling means to him.   At the age of 6, Kent’s parents took him bowling at the Westlane Bowling Center in Spartanburg.  At […]

Bob Gantenbein

Bob Gantenbein started bowling in 1950 while living in California.  After moving to Gaffney, South Carolina in the early 1970’s, he helped organize both the Gaffney local and adult associations.  Bob has served on both Boards in all capacities.  Currently, Bob is a Life Member of the Gaffney Bowling Association.   1988 was a good […]

Tom Mouzon

Beaufort and South Carolina youth bowling associations were the beneficiaries of more than 20 years of service by Tom Mouzon.  He was instrumental in advancing these programs during the 1970’s and 1980’s, which was during the change from AJBC to YABA.   Tom served on various committees at the state and local level including scholarship, […]

George Kaminsky

George has served youth bowling in Greenville for over 21 years, first by coaching YABA bowlers at Wade Hampton Bowl and serving as head coach there for 15 years.  He has served the Greater Greenville YABA Association since the early 1980’s on various committees, such as director of the city tournament as well as chairman […]

James D. Skinner

Jim has served youth bowling in Sumter for approximately 30 years.  He began working with junior bowling in the 1960’s when his children were junior bowlers.  He served as Secretary-Treasurer for the Sumter Junior Bowling Association for many years.  During this time, he was approached while attending the State Bowling Tournament and asked to attend […]

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